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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Media sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

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    Reader's Digest

    • Direct marketing

      This case study focuses upon the growth and development of the bestselling consumer magazine title in the world, Reader’s Digest, a magazine which has developed in a unique way to become a publishing phenomenon which has set itself apart from other magazines. Edition 2

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    • Building a brand leader

      The case study highlights how a strong brand can aid consumer recognition and add value. Edition 6

    • Social marketing in the new millennium

      This case study examines Sky Television’s new youth initiative - 'Reach For The Sky' - and explains how a social marketing programme is important in the growth of a company’s brand. Edition 5

    • Sky and the digital revolution

      This case study examines BSkyB's marketing activities taking place alongside the advent of digital television Edition 4

    • Creating consumer demand for Sky TV through sports

      This case study focuses on how one market conscious organisation, BSkyB Ltd, provides over 300 hours of sport per week for millions of sports enthusiasts in this country. For many people, subscribing to Sky Sports, is their primary reason for buying into Sky TV. Edition 3

    • Subscribing to broadcasting success

      This study shows how an innovative company, which has been instrumental in changing the lifestyles of many people, has engaged in a sophisticated marketing strategy, in order to maximise benefits to its customers. Edition 2

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    Virgin Media