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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Non-profit sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

Business Case Studies non-profit case studies

    Family Assurance Friendly Society Logo

    Family Assurance Friendly Society

    • The launch of a new Trust

      This case study examines the recent launch of the Children’s Ethical Trust which provides the opportunity for savings for young people to be put into ethical investments. Edition 3

    Football Association Logo

    Football Association

    INCPEN Logo


    • Packaging and sustainable development

      This case study outlines the nature of that challenge and shows how the packaging industry has itself created a body that works to encourage responsible attitudes towards packaging in modern society. Edition 7

    National Trust Logo

    National Trust

    • The use of social media in promotion

      This case study looks at how the National Trust is now adopting a new strategy and modern marketing techniques to excite a younger audience, generate new members and enhance its position as an employer with young people. Edition 17

    NFTE-UK Logo


    • Developing enterprise skills

      This case study looks at the work of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) in schools. It focuses the link between NFTE and a range of small businesses set up by students within one school and helps to show students what areas of business need to be understood before starting up a small enterprise. Edition 12

    • The importance of entrepreneurship in small businesses

      This case study helps students understand entrepreneurship and its importance to the economy as well as types of ownership. Edition 11

    • Teaching youth to build businesses

      This case study shows how many young people have been encouraged to improve their numeracy, literacy and communication skills by learning through ‘enterprise’ under the NFTE initiative. Edition 6

    War Child Logo

    War Child

About the non-profit industry

There is a wide range of organisations which are active in the community. Such organisations are referred to as 'not-for-profit' or 'non profit-making'. Organisations in this sector may fall into one of two main categories: Community Groups/Voluntary Organisations and Social Enterprises.

Community and voluntary groups cover a wide range of organisations, ranging from small neighbourhood groups run by local people to larger voluntary agencies with staff. They may be working to improve their local area, campaigning for change or providing a service. Some, but not all, will be charities. Examples of this type of non-profit organisation include major charities such as Save the Children and the British Heart Foundation, as well as local organisations like mother & child playgroups and the Women's Institute (WI).

Social Enterprises are businesses providing services or making goods with primarily social objectives. This means they are not driven by the need to make profit for shareholders but aim to reinvest in the business or community. They have explicit social aims and ownership with a structure based on participation by 'stakeholders', such as users, the community and employees. Examples of this type of non-profit organisation include The Big Issue, Jamie Oliver's restaurant Fifteen, and the Fair-trade chocolate company Divine Chocolate.