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Below is a list of Business Case Studies business case studies from companies within the Water sector of industry. Choose a case study from the lists alongside each company.

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    United Utilities Logo

    United Utilities

    • Using cost-benefit analysis to appraise investments

      This case study examines one major wastewater quality improvement investment made by United Utilities. It shows how important non-financial considerations, such as the impact on the environment, were in arriving at the best decision. Edition 17

    Water Services Association Logo

    Water Services Association

    • How a regulatory system works in practice

      This case study focuses on regulation in the water services industry in England and Wales and shows how the Office of Water Services (OFWAT), the Department of the Environment, the Environment Agency and the Drinking Water Inspectorate, play a crucial role in regulating the industry in this country. Edition 3

    • Regulating a utility

      This case study looks at how regulation involves the development of rules or conditions which govern the behaviour of an organisation, by setting standards which are clearly defined, understood and designed to be achieved. Edition 2

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    Yorkshire Water

About the water industry

The Water industry provides drinking water and manages wastewater services (including sewage treatment) to residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the economy. The water industry also includes manufacturers and suppliers of bottled water.

Water services may be run as a public service under government ownership or as a commercial activity under licence. Water services in the UK must meet strict environmental and health standards under UK and European legislation. Water UK represents all major UK water and wastewater service suppliers at national and European level. It provides a framework for the water industry to engage with government, regulators, stakeholder organisations and the public.