Business Case Studies by Topic - Finance

Below is a list of case studies taken from the Finance section of Business Case Studies. Choose your sub topic from the list of arrowed links below the Finance heading.

Finance case studies

    • Accounts in business

      • ACCA Logo

        Interpreting and understanding accounts

        Edition 18: This case study looks at the full range of accounting statements including the Income Statement; the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement

      • Cadbury Schweppes Logo

        Financial statements and reporting

        Edition 11: This case study helps students understand the process of setting, reporting and evaluating financial performance.

      • PricewaterhouseCoopers Logo

        The importance of accounting standards

        Edition 4: This case study explains the role of professional consultancy services in helping companies meet rigorous accounting standards.

      • KPMG Logo

        Trading places

        Edition 4: This case study is intended to provide an understanding of the accounting process and how accounting information meets the needs and requirements of many different groups of people.

    • Assets in business

    • Budgeting in business

      • Zurich Logo

        The benefits of budgeting

        Edition 17: This case study shows how Zurich’s careful approach to budgeting is a contributory factor in gaining competitive advantage.

      • Davis Service Group Logo

        Planning a budget

        Edition 15: This case study shows how the development and use of budgetscontribute to Davis Service Group meeting its objectives.

      • Kraft Foods UK Logo

        Budgeting and strategy

        Edition 9: As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: define the term budget and explain the purpose of budgeting, outline the importance of identifying major variances and taking remedial actions, list the advantages and disadvantages of budgeting.

    • Cash flow in business

      • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Logo

        Controlling cash flow for business growth

        Edition 15: This case study looks at how management accountants forecast, monitor and control cash flow in order to maintain the ongoing financial health of businesses.

    • Costs in business

    • Investment appraisal in business

      • United Utilities Logo

        Using cost-benefit analysis to appraise investments

        Edition 17: This case study examines one major wastewater quality improvement investment made by United Utilities. It shows how important non-financial considerations, such as the impact on the environment, were in arriving at the best decision.

      • Syngenta Logo

        Investment appraisal in action

        Edition 16: This case study looks at how in 2008 Syngenta proposed an investment in new manufacturing capacity that would allow it to increase production of Amistar. It reviews the analyses that helped the company decide whether to proceed with this investment.

      • McCain Foods Logo

        Sustainability through investment

        Edition 13: This case study explores how McCain Foods evaluated the benefits of proposed sustainable energy projects before making major financial investment.

      • BG Group Logo

        Investing in natural gas: drilling down into the risks

        Edition 9: As a result of carefully reading the Case Study, students should be able to: understand the importance of examining detailed data in making investment decisions, know how to set out choices involved in decision making, understand how a calculation involving an investment decision is made.

      • Railtrack Logo

        Assessing a major infrastructure project

        Edition 3: This case study focuses on a recent appraisal of a key infrastructure project involving the West Coast Main Line and examines how such a development could significantly change the competitive position of the railway industry.

    • Financial risk in business

      • BG Group Logo

        Calculating the risks in making investment decisions

        Edition 11: This case study helps students understand investment appraisal and decision making.

      • Association of Investment Trust Companies (AITC) Logo

        The role of Investment Trusts in the capital market

        Edition 8: This case study concentrates on longer-term funds. Through Investment Trusts, well-managed businesses have access to secure finance. Whilst those investing, whether individuals or groups, can have confidence in the management of their funds.

      • London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange Logo

        Managing trading risk

        Edition 4: This case study examines the importance of futures trading and focuses more specifically on commodity futures trading.

      • Britannia Logo

        The business mission of Britannia

        Edition 3: This case study examines the mortgage lending process and the detailed set of considerations that must be taken into account before granting a mortgage.

      • London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange Logo

        Managing financial risk

        Edition 2: This case study focuses on the way in which a particular type of financial institution, Building Societies, are able to reduce their financial risks today by using the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE).

    • Sources of finance in business

      • Beeson Gregory Logo

        Raising finance for SMEs

        Edition 5: The case study examines the source of finance and the way SMEs find access to it.

      • PricewaterhouseCoopers Logo

        Private Finance Initiatives

        Edition 4: This case study explores the role of PWC's Financial Advisory Services with a focus on private finance initiatives.

What does ‘Finance’ cover?

Finance case studies cover the strategic approach to finance (e.g. setting financial objectives) as well as tools for analysing financial data in the business.

Key topics include:

  • Sources of finance - for business start-up as well as growing a business
  • Financial records and how to use them - e.g. balance sheets, profit and loss accounts
  • Setting and monitoring budgets as well as interpreting and analysing accounts
  • Looking at methods of evaluating the viability of the business, e.g. ratio analysis, gearing
  • Understanding the importance of cash flow to the business
  • Using investment appraisal tools to help decide if investment is justified and what outcomes it might deliver (e.g. break-even, annual rate of return, discounted cash flow, net present value)