Positioning the brand
A Chap Stick case study

Page 1: Introduction

Few organisations operate in a static environment. As we move toward the last years of the 20th century, the pace of change in Markets across the globe has accelerated with the result that products have shorter life-cycles. An innovation or a new product development can make other products obsolete overnight. It is said that the research and development of new products is both creative and...
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Page 2: The brand

Chap Stick has come a long way since a certain Mrs Morton melted the pink Chap Stick mixture on her kitchen stove and poured the liquid through a small funnel into brass tubes. The rack was then moved to the porch for cooling, after which, the moulded Chap Stick was cut into sticks and placed in containers for shipping. All of this was made possible in 1912 after Mrs Morton’s husband John...
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Page 3: The competition

In the UK market Chap Stick currently has the second highest market share. The current market leader is Lypsyl which has 48.1% of the market share through chemists, compared with Chap Stick at 25.9%.Lypsyl also has a strong presence through supermarkets and other retail outlets. Other competitors include Blisteze (sold largely for cold sores), Labello and own brands such as those at Boots and...
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Page 4: The marketing mix

The marketing mix is made up of four main ingredients which an organisation combines in order to ensure that marketing objectives are achieved. The mix is usually analysed on the basis of the four Ps. To meet customer needs, an organisation must develop products to satisfy them, charge them the right price, get the goods to the right place and make the existence of the product known through its...
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Page 5: Repositioning the mix

Every product has a unique marketing mix which is used to place a product in a market position relative to other brands, by taking into account the needs and perceptions of customers. The product’s position is dependent upon how it is perceived in the minds of customers. Positioning involves emphasising the attributes and strengths of a product over its competitors in order to move the brand...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Chap Stick is an important product in that it provides a range of benefits of which consumers are becoming increasingly aware. Chap Stick is no longer just a healthcare product – the repositioning process has helped to reinforce its role and distinctive image for active people who are young, sporty and healthy.It has become increasingly popular amongst those who play tennis, football or...
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