Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, is an internationally recognised professional body that supports over 195,000 students and members in 176 countries. CIMA is the most relevant international accounting qualification in business and qualifies Chartered Management Accountants, financially qualified business leaders, who operate in all areas of an organisation. The CIMA qualification has an emphasis on strategic business skills and it has relevance across a broad business perspective more so than any other professional accountancy qualification.

As well as accountancy roles, CIMA members work in many areas of business including business analysts, project managers and management consultants. Many CIMA members also go on to become directors, chairmen and chief executives. The CIMA qualification can be entered at any stage in your career. The syllabus is designed to be progressive and you will develop skills as you advance. All you need is a desire to succeed in business and have reached a good standard in Mathematics and English before you commence. To find out more visit www.cimaandme.com

Contact: CIMA Address: 26 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP Tel: 020 8849 2251 Email[email protected] https://www.cimaglobal.com

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