Change is something that happens in businesses all of the time. Change can occur in an organisation’s internal or external environment. As a result, this process of change is constant. Change management looks at the drivers of change in the business environment.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) supports the development of effective managers. Effective managers are vital when implementing change within a business. Effective managers are proactive in creating solutions to improve the organisation’s performance. They must then manage employees through the change process. It is in the interest of managers to try to predict the changes that are likely to take place. This then helps businesses to develop in a more focused way to the environment in which it operates, whilst facing new challenges with more certainty.

Moneypenny, a call centre based in Wrexham, has recently opened an office in New Zealand where staff are taking turns to live to cover night shifts back home in the UK. With New Zealand 12 hours ahead, staff normally based in Wrexham are still working day shifts but provide late-night cover when colleagues in Wales clock off. (BBC, 2nd May 2013)

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