Coca-Cola and sports - partnership through competition
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

Page 7: Special Olympics

Sport should not be a discriminating activity to be enjoyed only by the young and fit. Both playing and appreciating sport is an activity which millions of people can enjoy throughout the world, no matter what their background and abilities. Remember the slogan 'Sport for All'. Nothing should prevent anyone from practising competitive sports, as sport is a key way of improving the quality of life.

Since 1985, Coca-Cola has sponsored Special Olympics in Great Britain, which is a multi-sports competition programme for people with learning difficulties. This is a particularly important part of Coca-Cola's long term approach to sponsorship, as it helps to make leisure and sporting activities so much more important for so many groups and enables Coca-Cola to give something back to the community, particularly where needs are greatest.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Coca-Cola and sports - partnership through competition


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