Corporate citizenship and the community
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

Page 1: Introduction

Today, more than ever, we have come to appreciate and value the relationships that can be forged between individuals, organisations and the wider community. John F. Kennedy, the celebrated American President, set out the nature of what this relationship could be in his inaugural Presidential address when he said: “Don’t ask what your country can do for you, rather, ask what you can do...
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Page 2: Values and aims

Today, the intelligent organisation recognises that its own future wellbeing is, to a certain extent, dependent on the well-being of the communities within which it operates at a local, national and global level. It is important that investments which take place in the community, in terms of education, the environment, training, art and cultural institutions and many other causes are carefully...
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Page 3: Sponsorship

Coca-Cola is well known for its high-profile s p o n s o r s h i p programme, covering major events such as the Olympic Games, football’s World Cup and, as a partner / supplier with diet Coke, the All-England Championships at Wimbledon. At all events, the Company seeks to enhance the enjoyment of the fans. Commitment to the environment Coca-Cola aims to help the environment by...
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Page 4: Environmental initiatives

In a short case study example, it is not possible to examine all the ways in which Coca-Cola is developing its commitment to the environment. Here, therefore, are just a few examples: Packaging innovation - Packaging is a key point of differentiation and a source of competitive advantage for Coca-Cola. However, it is not simply designed to be distinctive and attractive. Customers and consumers...
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Page 5: Monitoring processes

This case study has examined how The Coca-Cola Company has established strategies and policies for corporate citizenship which stem from the overall corporate strategy of the organisation. It has highlighted the way in which the aims and values have translated into environmental operations and performance. However, it is also extremely important to monitor performance and assess how successful...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Corporate citizenship is not about creating an unrelated series of well-meaning measures for supporting communities. Instead, corporate citizenship is concerned with developing a company-wide strategy which creates an integrated series of values, aims, policies and operational activities which are given high priority within an organisation, are carefully thought through and systematically...
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