The importance of social responsibility
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

Page 6: Impact Performance Indicators

In any business activity it is important to be able to measure the success of strategies and operational activities. Measuring performance is the best way of assessing how effective strategies and initiatives have been, with a view to making appropriate adjustments.

Organisations need to measure and report performance against stated aims contained in a business plan, eg daily output, employee turnover. The business will tend to measure and evaluate only those aspects of its business over which it has control. Ideally these measurements should also be benchmarked so that everyone can see how performance compares with others.

'Coca-Cola' uses detailed sets of performance indicators for many areas of its activities, including its work to promote social responsibility. Community performance indicators include impact evaluations of community programmes. These include indicators of educational attainment as well as of environmental enhancement and conservation.

Coca-Cola Great Britain | The importance of social responsibility


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