Working with bottling franchisees around the world
A Coca-Cola Great Britain case study

Page 3: Division of responsibility

The company ships syrup or concentrate to the bottling plants where the franchisees mix it with sugar and treated local water and carbonate it. The water is purified to the highest standards using equipment specified by Coca-Cola. Samples are taken regularly for chemical analysis and Coca-Cola staff make frequent spot checks to ensure that plants are maintaining the company's standards of cleanliness and quality. Coca-Cola provides its franchisees with access to 'state of the art' equipment needed to meet the Company's exacting standards.

Each bottler or canner supplies Coca-Cola and other company products to the retail trade. Standard outlets include supermarkets, sweetshops, restaurants, off-licences, pubs and bars. These outlets often sell Coca-Cola from vending machines and coolers which the franchisees must supply and service. There is a clear division of responsibility between The Coca-Cola Company and its franchisees as shown in the illustration above:

Coca-Cola Great Britain | Working with bottling franchisees around the world


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