Corporate responsibility and stakeholders


Introduction RELX Group is a global provider of information and analytics for professional and business customers across industries. We help scientists make new discoveries, lawyers win cases, doctors save lives and insurance companies offer customers lower prices. We save taxpayers and consumers money by preventing fraud and help executives forge commercial relationships with their clients. RELX Group employs approximately 30,000 employees in offices in about 40 countries worldwide. Our historyRELX Group was formed in 1993 when the businesses of the British publisher Reed International and the Dutch publisher Elsevier NV merged. The Reeds were Methodists and took a philanthropic approach to the business when they originally founded it in 1895, meaning they applied the present-day idea of Corporate Responsibility (CR) within the company. They promoted health and safety for their workers and better standards of living. We continue to prioritise CR in order to maximise our positive impact, while minimising any negative consequences of conducting business. This focus adds to our competitive advantage by building good relations with internal and external stakeholders. This case study explains how CR adds value to these stakeholder relationships. Internal stakeholders RELX Group’s internal stakeholders include investors or shareholders and employees. They have a range…

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