The importance of building a strong brand image
A Corus case study

Page 3: Creating a brand identity

Corus 7 Image 1After the merger, Corus gave priority to creating a new brand identity. Choosing the new name was a long, careful consultative process. The first step was to identify the values of both companies and to encapsulate them in the name and logo. The consultation established:

  • the views of customers, suppliers and employees
  • those aspects of the existing organisation of which they were most proud.

In this way, the best features of the former brands could be fused with new ideas to form a new brand. The new brand would thus reflect and underpin the nature and behaviour of the organisation, with the name and logo being at the forefront of the organisation and its activities. The consultation exercise produced criteria for a new name. It had to be:

  • truly international
  • easily pronounceable worldwide
  • distinctive within the metals market.

Brainstorm sessions generated a list of 2,000 names which were reduced to 100, then to 10, and finally to 3, from which Corus was chosen. It was chosen because it provided a
fresh, distinctive name that could become instantly recognisable and also pronounceable worldwide. While the name and logo would clearly be the most visible aspects of the new organisation, they would need to be supported by key features of the organisation eg behaviour, attitude, ways of working, to meet the needs of customers.

Corus | The importance of building a strong brand image


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