Innovation in infant nutrition
A Cow & Gate case study

Page 1: Introduction

In the modern world, many consumers have opportunities to buy and use an ever-increasing range of goods and services. Firms continually develop new products which, more often than not, improve on those already available. The most innovative businesses will continually seek out new opportunities for product development with a view to satisfying consumer needs, improving human welfare and keeping...
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Page 2: Ethical business

Ethics are concerned with the dividing line between what is right and what is wrong in relation to behaviour. Business ethics are concerned with making sure that the actions of an organisation are based on morally acceptable behaviour. Within nutrition, ethical considerations include how companies use their patents and the quality of advice that they give to potential customers. Numico is driven...
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Page 3: New product development

Product development is the process of moving on products from the ideas and research stage to a final product ready to be launched on the market. Many companies develop products on the basis of customer market research. They discover: what customers are currently buying and why what products customers would like to see available that are not currently available how existing products might be...
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Page 4: Responding to the needs of the customer

The success of any new product depends very much on just how well its producer has understood and responded to the needs of the final customer. Cow & Gate is particularly well placed to be successful because the depth of the scientific research carried out at Numico laboratories supports the usual market research so effectively. Developing any new product involves a number of steps. The first...
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Page 5: The product

Cow & Gate Next Steps is a thicker, richer, satisfying milk drink for when bottlefed babies begin to outgrow follow-on milks and need to progress. It can be used from six months as part of a weaning diet. It is specially formulated to be nutritionally suitable for growing babies and is better for them than cows’ milk because it is: higher in zinc, iron and vitamins A and D lower in...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Within the nutrition industry, businesses have a duty to develop products that match consumer needs as fully aspossible. This case study provides a good example of new product development that combines the strength of scientific research with an ongoing understanding of consumers’ requirements. Numico believes that breastfeeding is best for babies and knows many mothers continue to breast...
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