Creative Methods of Advertising Your Business


If you want to be creative about advertising your business, it doesn’t need to cost you a lot of money. It doesn’t matter if you want people to keep your logo in mind, remember the name of your business or slogan, or all three of them, just utilise your imagination to ensure that your business is presented in a way that grabs peoples’ attention. Traditional word of mouth, unexpected opportunities, and new technology methods of marketing can all be utilised in unique ways to increase your profits and sales, attract new customers, and advertise your business.

Your Vehicle

People are using their vehicles more and more to advertise one thing or another. Some people do this with the purchase of personalised number plates. Others opted to have their vehicles wrapped. Still, others might just have magnetic decals with business contact information placed on their vehicle. If you already have the vehicle, why not use the space it provides to do a bit of advertising? 

Social Media

Millions of people go on social media sites multiple times each day. Promote your business through links and posts on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Using websites of this nature can give your creativity free reign and be inexpensive at the same time. Post interesting or unusual images, facts, and figures, or even quotes that will catch the attention of your audience, and that will be simple for them to share with all of their followers. 

Branding the Skin

Capitalise on the current tattoo trend by donating a few hand stamps that are complete with all of your relevant business info on them to be used at any upcoming events or local festivals. Stamping a visitor’s hand when they attend an event will allow them to come and go throughout the day, and this means that they’ll be imprinted with your business logo for at least a few hours, which will keep your name right in their line of sight and on their minds.

Murals – Silhouettes

If you want to market your business in a location that’s high traffic, but don’t want to use a boring billboard, why not use a mural or a nighttime silhouette? If you want to do a nighttime silhouette – which will garner a LOT of attention because they’re rare – you’ll need a large apartment with no windows, or an office building, along with a projector. Offer the owners of the building a nominal fee so that you can project your logo onto their building each night so that you’ll be able to gain attention in this unusual fashion. In business areas downtown, seek out fences, walls, or buildings that might support murals that you can use to display your logo or business name. Things like this will capture the attention of people that see them, and they’ll remember your business.

Word of Mouth

This one might not be unusual, but you can take it to another level. Hire a ‘town crier’ to stand out in the middle of busy commercial areas so that they can advertise your business. This might work incredibly well for beauty salons, shops, bars, and restaurants that need to advertise discounts, sales, or special events. You might want to enhance this by renting a billboard close by with the location. It’s also a good idea to station your town crier immediately outside of your business.

There are so many advertisements these days that people tend to automatically tune them out. By being creative with the way you market your business you’ll be able to capture their attention and make your business stand out.