Online connectivity to meet stakeholder needs
A Cummins case study

Page 0: Introduction

The Internet has transformed many lives, giving people ready access to a wealth of information, worldwide instant communications, and the power to buy and sell goods and services online from their PCs. Intelligent organisations have seized this opportunity to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders online, including their shareholders, suppliers, customers and employees. This Case Study...
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Page 1: Web opportunities

By exploiting opportunities offered by both the Internet and intranet, Cummins has pioneered some innovative methods to enhance communications with its employees and its customers. These online assets are playing an important role in helping the company achieve its aims of: motivating employees to act like owners working together partnering with customers to make sure they succeed Cummins...
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Page 2: The delivery channel

The process of manufacturing products and taking them to market involves a series of both internal and external customers, often referred to as the supply chain. This is known as the delivery channel at Cummins. This method of operation is a common feature of B2B companies. Cummins external customers include the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) who assembles the final product and its...
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Page 3: Online communications

Communication in business involves delivering clear, accurate messages to a relevant target audience. An effective communication channel is one that provides a clear 2-way or multi-channel flow of communications. Online communications provide Cummins with high levels of connectivity to all its stakeholder groups, providing considerable benefits relative to other forms of communication: speed...
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Page 4: Communications to meet different user needs

Cummins provides a series of valuable web-portal communications systems that help to give competitive advantage. These draw on a large central database of information, selecting appropriate information for each audience. Cummins portals are configured around a main website which then enables rapid access to related sites. Public portal An extensive portfolio of public websites provide key...
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Page 5: Conclusion

Intelligent organisations use and continually develop their use of web-based technologies and communications. As a major international company, Cummins has seized the opportunity to build up its internal and external communications in order to provide a host of business benefits. Cummins will continue to develop its websites in response to changing needs. In the modern world, the speed of...
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