Powering forward with a new vision
A Cummins case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study outlines ways in which it is possible to change the culture of an organisation so that it retains what it sees as its strengths while at the same time embracing new ways of doing things that are essential for driving the business forward. It focuses on how Cummins has developed a shared vision and mission to re-energise the company and unleash the creativity of its employees...
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Page 2: Culture

'Culture' describes an organisation's typical approSach to doing things. Culture refers to an organisation's shared beliefs, its written and unwritten policies and procedures that determine the ways in which it goes about its business. You can gain a feel for an organisation's culture by looking around it and talking to its employees. Some organisations come across as very dynamic, with...
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Page 3: Implementing change

Successful management of change involves moving an organisation and its employees forward from one way of doing things to a more positive approach. Ideally, everyone within the organisation needs to understand and accept the need for change, and a widespread consultation process needs to be put in place to identify ways of moving the organisation and its culture forward. In creating a process...
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Page 4: Focus workshops

In preparing for change, Cummins arranged a series of focus workshops across the company. These were designed to be 'inclusive' they encouraged and took account of the ideas and views of a full range of people from across the company's different locations worldwide. Individuals and groups were encouraged to identify aspects of their existing ways of working that they valued and wished to retain...
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Page 5: Creating a new vision

At the same time as seeking to re-energise current values, Cummins realised the importance of creating a new, clear vision that would bring about consistency and cohesion across the global organisation. A set of common values, beliefs and goals was agreed and adopted. The focus group process revealed a high degree of pride in the ability of the company, its products and its employees to improve...
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Page 6: Responding to a dynamic global marketplace

Cummins recognised the need to move forward because of changes taking place in the external business environment that require new ways of thinking. A key change has been the way in which Cummins has moved to a globally based organisation. This trend is likely to continue. Cummins has been involved not only in increased geographical diversification, but also in product diversification, moving...
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Page 7: Rolling out the VISION programme

The VISION programme was rolled out by a series of special events that were very different from traditional business presentations. Those attending received no hint in advance of the approach to be used; it came as a real surprise. The emphasis was on informality and enjoyment: high energy, use of music, fun activities, much audience participation and creative-thinking group sessions with...
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Page 8: Conclusion

Cummins has successfully re-energised its existing culture by: encouraging people to say what they value about the existing culture creating a more innovative company that is better placed to deal with a changing and competitive global business environment. The key to success lies in encouraging everybody to become involved and to contribute their own ideas and thinking in a way that models...
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