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UK service sector activity picked up in November after falling in the previous month, although the rate of job losses was the fastest in 15 months, a closely-watched survey suggests.  The modest increase in overall activity in the sector was due to higher volumes of new work and a rise in marketing, the survey said.  The service sector accounts for about two-thirds of UK economic activity.

The service sector saw a modest expansion again in November, holding up in the face of growing gloom at the health of the domestic economy and heightened uncertainty regarding the euro area’s debt crisis,’ said Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, a financial information services company which provides independent data and valuations.  (BBC, 5th December 2011)

This growth in the service sector also reflects the emphasis many service businesses are putting on increasing the levels of customer service they offer.  High quality customer service is a key differentiating factor for Morrisons, the UK’s 4th largest food retailer. However, in order to deliver effective customer service, Morrisons has to understand what its customers want and need.

Morrisons’ focus on customer service is demonstrated through a customer communication initiative called ‘HOT’ (‘Hello, Offer, Thank you’) which aims to create relationships between customers and the store through its well-trained colleagues.

Morrisons prides itself on delivering exceptional customer service.  It achieves this through offering the freshest quality products, paying attention to detail in presenting these products to consumers, and its passion for enhancing the skills of its employees in order to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty.
The level of training staff receive is a key factor in improving customer service: it adds value to the business by improving the customer experience and making them feel valued.

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