The number 1 express carrier
A DHL case study

Page 1: Introduction

The international express market is expanding rapidly. According to a recent report by the Boeing company, it occupied a global market share of 5% of the total international air cargo market in 1994. This rapid growth rate is set to continue and to attain 31% of the total international air cargo market by the year 2014.The largest share of this growing market is handled by international express...
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Page 2: A gap in the market

There was therefore a distinct gap in the market for a fast, reliable and cost effective method of distribution and it was the recognition of this fact which lay behind the foundation of DHL by Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn in 1969 in California. Initially express distribution companies, like DHL, focused primarily on emergency document delivery. However, with the maturing market, this rapidly...
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Page 3: Products and services

Today, the European Union provides business organisations within Europe with a wide market involving 15 countries. Above and beyond this, the European Union has integrated trading links with many of its neighbours, who have negotiated trading links of mutual benefit. Trade and exchange within these areas requires integrated distribution systems which are able to manage a sophisticated and...
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Page 4: Core products

The following products comprise DHL’s core business products in the international express delivery industry: DOX Worldwide Document Express - an express international door-to-door delivery service for documents and non-dutiable items weighing up to 50kg per piece and 250kg per shipment. WPX Worldwide Parcel Express - an express international delivery service for dutiable and declarable...
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Page 5: Just-in-time

When faced with the problem of how to deliver a perishable cancer detection kit to doctors’ surgeries around Europe, the choice of leading health care company Bard was clear: they chose DHL. The Bard Bladder Tumour Antigen (BTA) test is a five-minute urine test for monitoring bladder cancer, the fourth most common cancer in men. This disease is usually successfully treated if found early...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study has highlighted the way in which DHL has filled an important gap in the market in express delivery services. To conclude, therefore, it is helpful to provide an example of how effective and important this service is. This service is exemplified by the  way it has supported medical treatments by getting medicines and  supplies to where they are most urgently needed.
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