Recent news articles focusing on the legal profession and the BBC have highlighted the need for a change in attitudes towards workforce diversity in industries which have traditionally been send to be dominated by men.  ‘Positive action’ measures are being urged to increase the presence of female or ethnic minorities in senior judge posts within the UK. (The Times newspaper, 26th March 2012, p13)

Similarly, the BBC Trust is being urged to disregard any factors of age or gender but focus on appropriate experience, as it considers candidates to replace the BBC Director-General post which becomes vacant later in the year.  (The Times newspaper, 23rd March 2012, p14)

The construction industry also is perceived as involving heavy or dirty work and being suitable only for men.  Tarmac, the UK’s market leader in road surfacing, has established a HR strategy of developing a more diverse workforce.

Working in this highly competitive industry, Tarmac needs to draw on the widest range of talent to ensure has the best talent, experience and abilities to add value to the business and build and sustain competitive advantage.

Its diversity strategy actively seeks to recruit the right person for the job, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.  It also provides the means to offer effective training and development as well as alternative working patterns to both male and female employees to ensure it can motivate and retain its high performing staff.

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