Building a fashionable brand image
A Dr Martens case study

Page 1: Introduction

Perceptions are the ways in which consumers see and interpret information about objects such as brands and companies. For example, everyone will have a perception of Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Marks & Spencer, Dr. Martens and other well known names. Brands are products with a unique, consistent and well-recognised character. The uniqueness can come either from pure facts about the product or...
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Page 2: Fashion marketing

There is little doubt that there has always been a close association between music, style and fashion. Most youth cultures, since Dr. Martens hit the world stage in 1960, have associated themselves with a style of music - ska, glam rock, grunge and punk... Each of these youth movements has been comfortable with Dr. Martens products as part of its look and lifestyle. Fashion marketing always...
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Page 3: Building brand awareness

In creating a strategic marketing plan, an organisation determines its own strengths and weaknesses compared to its competitors and analyses the market environment for opportunities and threats. It can then create objectives and activities to capitalise on market opportunities. A clear strength of the Dr. Martens brand is the statement of individuality it makes. It is therefore a logical step to...
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Page 4: Sponsorship

Another key area of sponsorship for Dr. Martens is the arts and particularly areas of the arts which are associated with young people with ‘attitude’ (i.e. people who have a non-conformist streak to them). Dr. Martens sponsorship is carefully matched to events and approaches which reflect the brand’s key attributes. In 1997, Dr. Martens sponsored the National Youth...
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Page 5: Promotion

Another example of an initiative to raise awareness of the Dr. Martens brand is its association with the musical ‘Rent’. The musical is loosely based on ‘La Boh me’. It follows eight young people living in New York and explores issues such as love, sex, homelessness, poverty, etc. The show won four Tony Awards in 1997 and has received excellent reviews from the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Modern organisations need to look outwards to the communities in which they operate to find the best ways of building effective relationships to create more value for all concerned. As a company with a strong orientation to the youth and fashion market, Dr. Martens has chosen to focus its brand building on projects with which young people can identify. These projects include theatre productions...
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