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Civil servants are preparing a business plan for a single body to replace the Environment Agency, Countryside Council and Forestry Commission in Wales. The plan states the benefits of a single environmental body (SEB) as giving better delivery on environmental issues, a single point of contact, shared resources and combined expertise and better value for money.

According to the Welsh government, having one single organisation to deal with all environment issues would be more efficient and create significant savings. Environment Minister John Griffiths said:

‘We’ve got three organisations all doing an important job but I think if we could pool them together we would have greater integration, greater efficiency and greater effectiveness.’ (BBC, 25th November 2011)

Adding value and creating efficiency is a key factor for Anglo American. As one of the world’s largest mining companies, it has a clear focus on seeking efficiencies and effectiveness across all its operational activities. This is known as Asset Optimisation (AO). The AO process combines Anglo American’s technical and operational expertise to deliver value from improvements and achieve Best Practice across the business. Click here for  lesson resources

The AO programme considers both people and performance, looking at skills and behaviours as well as costs and productivity issues. It contributes to developing a culture in which everyone supports and works together to drive improvement.

By following a defined and staged process and encouraging employees to contribute ideas and challenge existing ways of working, Anglo American has significantly exceeded the expected financial savings from the first two years of the programme.