Last year, with more than 600,000 call centre workers, the Philippines officially overtook India as the world’s call centre capital.  (BBC, 15th May 2012)

Filipinos pride themselves on being approachable and friendly – a trait which is essential for speaking to strangers on the phone every day.  But a good phone manner is no longer enough. The industry is changing fast and in order to be competitive, call centres in the Philippines are investing in technology.

Raffy David at Teleserv, a call centre that caters for both Philippine and overseas clients, says: ‘It’s all about enhancing the customer experience.  We want to give them a fast, efficient and highly personalised service.’

Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain, is also investing in customer service.  Morrisons differentiates itself through its focus on freshness of produce and through its exceptional customer service. The company recognises that its store colleagues have a direct impact on the level of customer service provided, which in turn affects the levels of repeat business the company receives.

It has therefore an ongoing programme of training and development to ensure its store colleagues have the skills, both personal and professional, to deliver a personalised service for customers.  Fundamental to this approach is a focus on engaging employees and gaining their commitment.

Teleserv in the Philippines is benefitting from new technology initiatives.  As it now gets an increasing number of queries via email, the company has developed a system which filters emails so that common topics are grouped together.  This allows the agent to write one answer to multiple queries.

Another of the firm’s innovations is a system that groups all social media into one folder, allowing employees to instantly see every message, no matter how it comes into the centre.

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