Employee profiles


Stacey Walker works as an in-house Lawyer with Maersk. The role varied and involves assisting all departments in the company with many different legal issues around the whole oil and gas process, from exploration to production. The job is diverse, working in an environment where you are constantly challenged and solving problems on a daily basis. The most important skills required for the role are: attention to detail, negotiation skills and excellent professional conduct and ethics.

‘I always wanted to be a Lawyer and after studying Law at university I trained in the oil and gas department of a law firm. The oil and gas industry has so many opportunities, your career can take you in many different directions. I feel as though my career is just beginning because in oil and gas it’s possible to achieve so much.’

Keira Hosford works as a Design Engineer in the oil and gas industry. Although the role is mainly based onshore, she does have to travel offshore to carry out surveys before coming back to the office to create designs for fabrication.

‘Every day is different, sometimes I have to work to very tight deadlines, other times I work on longer projects. I served a 4 year apprenticeship which was great because Igot to study and work at the same time.’

David Buckett is an Accountant in the oil and gas industry and works with Engineers to determine and track the costs associated with drilling wells. The job involves working with a wide range of people from other Accountants and Engineers to Supply Chain professionals. Working with such a wide variety of people has allowed him to gain a lot of knowledge of the industry as whole.

‘I didn’t set out to work in the oil and gas industry, when I was at school I wanted to become a sportsman. However, while studying Accountancy at university, I completed aplacement at an oil company and later landed a graduate job. I love the fact I have the opportunity to study for more qualifications and I really hope to travel with my job too, I want to see the world. The top 3 skills required for my role are the ability to multi-task, adapt quickly and communicate well.’

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