Dozens of schools have gathered for the annual Rotary Technology Tournament. The event was held at the National Rail Museum, York, where 37 teams were competing against the clock. The task looked simple enough on paper, to build and demonstrate an answer to a technical problem, but in practice offered students a real brain teaser. There were three levels to the competition: foundation; intermediate and senior, with three winners in each. Read the full list of winners here:

This was the tenth year the competition had taken place, gathering students from across North Yorkshire and East Riding of Yorkshire. Thinking about your future doesn’t have to be boring, the tournament, sponsored by Shepherd Building Group and the University of York, proves that. Engineering and technology are gateways into some of the most engaging and exciting career options.

Steve Cluderway, coordinator of The Rotary Project, has commented on the event, stating that the number of teams provided ‘a real competitive atmosphere in the splendid setting . . . Attracting 37 teams is a considerable achievement and shows how the reputation of this annual Rotary event has really caught the imagination of schools in the city.’

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