Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Enterprise Rent A Car 18 Image 6Effective communication enables a company to inform and build relationships with its stakeholders. It is a two-way process enabling stakeholders to interact with the company. This includes employees supplying ideas for improvements and customers providing feedback.

Enterprise uses a multi-channel approach to its communication strategies to increase awareness of its key messages. Using a mix of formal and informal communication helps to improve effectiveness. Its internal communications strategies ensure the company values and culture are maintained. Its ‘onboarding’ programme and The Hub intranet encourage employee engagement, knowledge and increases motivation.

To maximise effectiveness of its communications strategies, Enterprise tailors its communication messages and channels to each specific audience’s needs. This ensures that any barriers to communication are dealt with. Enterprise regularly evaluates its internal and external communications strategies to maintain its focus on high levels of customer service and employee relations.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car | Communication strategies to engage a variety of stakeholders


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