The importance of customer service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car
An Enterprise Rent-A-Car case study

Page 6: Conclusion

Everyone at Enterprise is rewarded on the basis of giving customers what they want great service.

There is no better way of promoting a business than through word-of-mouth recommendation.

The ESQi tool provides a simple way of collecting useful information to measure this service. The survey focuses only on what is important - top box scores. Loyal customers come back to a business time after time. More than that, they invest energy and commitment in recommending the business to their friends.

Enterprise's journey started with an attempt to improve performance. In doing so it took the company back to its roots, to the ideas first put forward by Jack Taylor. This illustrates that Enterprise is not really a car rental business at all - it is a customer service business.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car | The importance of customer service at Enterprise Rent-A-Car



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