Client servicing in a customer-focused organisation
An Equitable Life Assurance Society case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study focuses on how one of this country’s major service organisations, The Equitable Life Assurance Society, has harnessed modern technology in order to focus better on providing an excellent service to clients.The Equitable Life Assurance Society is the oldest mutual life assurance provider in the world. Founded in 1762, its values and principles remain as important today as they...
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Page 2: Embracing innovation

The most significant change that has affected service organisations in advanced industrial economies in the last quarter of the twentieth century has been the widespread utilisation of information and communications technology. The most successful organisations have been those that effectively researched, analysed and then embraced these changes.In 1991, The Equitable was regarded as a...
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Page 3: Vision

The term customer service can be used to describe a personal relationship between the customer and a company, and more particularly between the customer and the people who represent the company to customers, e.g. the person you speak to when taking out a policy or making a claim. As a mutual organisation, The Equitable has always been focused on the importance of its customers and around 70% of...
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Page 4: Implementation

Once an organisation has developed a new strategy, it needs to put it into practice. In business, this process is known as implementation. The result of the changes was that in the 12 months from mid 1992 to mid 1993, over four weekends, The Equitable took groups of staff through a radical change process. Their working environment and organisation altered completely from ‘old style’ to...
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Page 5: The future

In acknowledging the successes of the past, The Equitable recognises the need to stay ahead. The Society prides itself on its innovative use of new technology whilst remaining firm in its commitment to invest only to bring benefits to its customers. The future of technology at The Equitable is assured as it recognises the need to enhance those systems already in place and build for the future...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Major cultural and technological changes take many years to complete and evaluate. At The Equitable there are already significant, tangible benefits resulting from the major changes that have been implemented. There is also a firm commitment to continue introducing change and improve procedures further as the Society continues to strive for the competitive edge.
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