Evaluating investments


Following the amazingly successful London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, those companies who have been official sponsors of the Games will be evaluating the benefit their investment has brought.  Companies have collectively ploughed an estimated £1bn into the Games as official sponsors. (BBC, 15th August 2012)

The benefits of an investment may not always be simply financial, but involve other non-financial factors affecting a wide variety of stakeholders.  For example, brand recognition is one way Olympic sponsors can measure the benefits of their investment.  Research from brand consultancy Havas Sports & Entertainment indicates that Lloyds Bank has come out top on this basis, with 30% of those surveyed recognising the bank as an official sponsor of the Olympics.

United Utilities provides water and sewerage services to around seven million people in North West England.  When planning a major investment in wastewater quality improvement, it needed to take account the needs of customers, shareholders, local councils, MPs, the media, the environment and the wider community.

United Utilities assessed various options for improving the quality of wastewater services in the Millom estuary.  Its evaluation took into account not just the outlay expenditure and running costs, but also the social costs and impacts of each option on the environment and landowners.

The chosen option gave a socially, financially and environmentally acceptable solution for all stakeholders including United Utilities.

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