Organic product development to accelerate growth
A FKI case study

Page 1: Introduction

“IF YOU CAN INVENT A BETTER MOUSETRAP THE WORLD WILL BEAT A PATH TO YOUR DOOR!” Many of the best business lessons are based on the intelligent application of common sense. However, our own experience of everyday life suggests that people and organisations often fail to apply common sense. The statement “If you can invent a better mousetrap the world will beat a path to your...
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Page 2: Organic growth

Charles Handy, a British business expert, has frequently stressed the importance of growing a successful business. He argues that the most important time to introduce change and innovation is when the business appears to be most successful. A business that grows complacent may appear to be riding the crest of a wave but may actually be on the edge of a trough. An intelligent organisation...
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Page 3: Creating a new product

Electricity is distributed in rural areas by the use of bare aluminium conductors supported by wooden poles. This method of electricity distribution is used world-wide, particularly in rural areas where the use of more expensive (but less visually obtrusive) underground cable cannot be justified due to the length of the line and the relatively low amounts of electricity supplied.A disadvantage...
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Page 4: Product development

FKI continually seeks to improve all its business areas in order to remain at the head of the field. By creating a new device to protect electricity supply infrastructure in remote applications, FKI was, in effect, building on previous technology in this field. FKI however, sought to create a giant leap forward in product technology that would distance the Group from the competition.Techniques for...
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Page 5: Customer appeal

In the final analysis, the success of a market driven company is measured in the way in which the customers respond to the product. It is therefore necessary to examine whether customers have chosen to buy FKI’s new device or not. The results show that, since its launch in August 1994, GVR sales have increased dramatically:- Orders received in the first three months of 1997/98 are in...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Whipp and Bourne Ltd was able to create and develop the GVR through the skills, expertise and innovation of its engineers. Great engineering lies at the heart of many key innovations and products that have driven this country forward since the days of the industrial revolution.In 1993, Whipp and Bourne Ltd established a special project team with the task of steering this breakthrough in...
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