Morrisons, the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain, has set out its strategy for differentiating the company from competitors.

As part of a major modernisation programme costing over £60m, the company is concentrating on developing a more appealing environment for food sales.   Food is Morrisons’ core business and it is aiming to recreate the feel of a ‘vibrant market’ in stores. (The Times newspaper, 9th March 2012)

Morrisons ‘Market Street’ approach is designed to provide customers with more personal service in its stores.  It will appeal to customers who, Morrisons believes, want not only fresh food at competitive prices, but also good customer service

Morrisons has an extensive training and development programme in place, covering both management and specialist food skills, which will ensure its colleagues are able to fulfil all customers’ needs.

The company will be continuing to expand its non-food sales through a new online store, having acquired the technology with its purchase of the Kiddicare company last year.

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