Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix
A Ford case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Ford Motor Company is a US based global automotive manufacturer. The company has manufacturing operations in six continents. In Europe alone there are 35 factories located in nine countries. The Ford 'family' includes the Jaguar, LandRover, Volvo and Aston Martin brands, as well as the well known Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta models.  The Ford brand is well-known and its company logo...
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Page 2: Sponsorship and marketing strategies

A strategy is a carefully considered plan devised to help a company meet its objectives. A strategy can relate to the company's brand, its marketing or how it meets customers' needs. Global Blue Chip companies like Ford have carefully planned brand strategies. Sponsorship is an effective way of meeting Ford's brand objectives. It permits a company to enhance the value of its brand through a...
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Page 3: Product

Ford produces a wide range of vehicles, each is targeted towards a particular part of the total market: the Ford 'Ka' is aimed at a different consumer to the Ford 'Galaxy'. The features, size, style, image, colours and performance of these products all appeal to distinct 'segments' of the new car market. In developing new products Ford considers the needs of different types of consumer. All...
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Page 4: Price

A company like Ford will constantly evaluate the return on its investment in sponsorship. This evaluation measures both the value of the media exposure and the impact on its brand. Price is the second element in Ford's marketing mix. Ford strategists must establish a pricing policy for its vehicle ranges. The price policy for a vehicle takes into account costs, a profit margin and also the...
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Page 5: Place

The popularity of football across Europe and the world, particularly amongst Ford's target customers means that its sponsorship of the Champions League allows the company to tap into its customers' passion for the sport. It means that, like the brand, it stretches beyond national boundaries. Its dealership network is the face of the Ford brand at retail. This is where most customers will see...
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Page 6: Promotion

Ford employs a pan-European promotional strategyto draw attention to its products and services. The purpose of this is both to attract new customers and to retain existing ones. Ford's promotional strategy must first create awareness of the company's product range. Promotion must reach target audiences that might be geographically widely spread. A crucial aspect of Ford's promotional tactics...
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Page 7: Conclusion

Football sponsorship for Ford means being a key ingredient of the UEFA Champions League. This is a long-term strategy that goes beyond merely attaching the Ford badge to the event. The dynamics of the competition, the excitement and the desire, the eventual outcome, combine to create a positive view of Ford.
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