Fourth Year of Enterprise Week – 12-18 November 2007

Over the course of Enterprise Week over half a million young people aged between 14 and 30 will have the opportunity to see how exciting and fulfilling entrepreneurship can be. (The Mail on Sunday – Financial Mail – 11 November 2007).

With Government backing, Enterprise Week is run by Enterprise Insight, which is made up of various business bodies such as the Confederation of British Industry and the British Chambers of Commerce. (The Mail on Sunday – Financial Mail – 11 November 2007).

This year's Enterprise Week will feature a whole range of seminars, workshops and events with high profile entrepreneurs at the British Library in London.

A spokesman for Enterprise Insight says:”It's not just about start-ups. We hope to encourage employees to be more enterprising”. (The Mail on Sunday – Financial Mail – 11 November 2007).

John Kay, writing in the Financial Times, says:”Studies of entrepreneurs – and their own accounts – suggest they may be really different. Establishing a business is hard work and the people who succeed are fired by enthusiasm for business in general and their own, in particular”.   ( – 6 November 2007).

See the Times 100 case study on NFTE (the Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship). This is an international body which came to the UK in 2000 with a mission to teach and help young people to see what its like to be an entrepreneur, using practical business solutions.


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Potential Study Questions:

– Explain the importance of small businesses to the economy of the country

– What qualities would you expect to find in a successful entrepreneur?  Give at least four