The Freeserve solution
A Freeserve case study

Page 1: Introduction

The Internet is a rapidly growing medium which enables people all over the world to share information, communicate, be entertained and conduct business. It is beginning to influence the lives of many people. Research has shown that web users worldwide will grow from approximately 142.2 million at the end of 1998 to 398.6 million by the year 2002. This case study examines how Freeserve became the...
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Page 2: Changing the market

Freeserve combines free Internet access and comprehensive Internet resources, which are tailored to the UK market. On 26th June, 1999, after only nine months of operation, Freeserve had the largest registered Internet user base, making it the UK’s leading Internet service. Delivering free Internet access, offering UK focused content, e-commerce and extensive support services, Freeserve...
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Page 3: Maintaining competitive advantage

Any market which is experiencing rapid growth is likely to be very competitive. For a business to operate in a competitive market, it needs resources. Whether these are physical resources such as property, equipment and materials, or less tangible human resources, finance is required to pay for their use. Therefore, the management of finance is inseparable from the management of the business as...
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Page 4: Floating Freeserve

The London Stock Exchange is a market for securities, the collective name for stocks and shares. The main function of the stock market is to enable firms to raise capital and to provide a market for trading in second hand shares and government stocks. NASDAQ is part of the American Stock exchange and is the world’s first electronic trading environment. It allows multiple market...
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Page 5: Competition across the industry

When looking at an organisation’s competitive position, it is important to understand the opportunities which exist in the market, as well as other competitive threats. The ideal situation would be a large market with growth potential and little competition. However, the Internet market has shown considerable growth in recent years and is also fiercely competitive. The market for...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Freeserve’s revenue depends on the size of its registered user base, user traffic levels, advertising and e-commerce activity on its sites. To sustain its position in the Internet market, Freeserve has recognised the need to gather and respond to user feedback, continue to develop UK focussed content and services and maintain its low cost. As the UK Internet market grows, Freeserve must be...
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