The business of re-invention
A Gardner Merchant case study

Page 1: Introduction

Today we live in a highly competitive world in which only one thing is certain for companies - change. Intelligent companies continually seek to adapt in order to seize new opportunities that arise. Entrepreneurial organisations transform themselves, this is known as re-invention. An entrepreneurial organisation looks for opportunities to use all resources more effectively. An organisation with an...
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Page 2: Reasons for a new strategy

Gardner Merchant specialises in the outsourcing of services and is able to call on the global resource of Sodexho. Gardner Merchant is absolutely focused on delivering service locally to meet individual client needs. Gardner Merchant is typical of the modern entrepreneurial company that is taking up new opportunities. It leads in food service provision and recent research has shown that over 80...
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Page 3: Meeting business objectives

An organisation that outsources business activities must be confident that its contractors will help the organisation to meet its business objectives. While a university or school concentrates on educational objectives it will also want to be assured that students are happy about all other aspects of their daily lives - that they are being fed well or that their leisure requirements are being...
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Page 4: Customising services

An organisation like Gardner Merchant must customise its services to serve the needs of customers. Its philosophy in business is to understand clearly the goals of every client and then to channel resources and expertise into a tailor-made service that meets the culture and the evolving needs of the organisation. The relationship is one of partnership with everyone pulling in the same direction...
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Page 5: Re-inventing Gardner Merchant

Gardner Merchant is building on its core competence of providing quality outsourced services to business, initially developed in the field of food services. By sticking purely to catering, it would have limited its markets and growth opportunities. Over recent years it is the evolution into the full range of integrated support services that has most changed the face of Gardner Merchant. It has...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The organisation that seeks to re-invent itself regularly looks forward to the future rather than back into the past. During April and May 1999 Gardner Merchant ran a multi-media Vision 21 Millennium Roadshow inviting thousands of guests and staff to challenge themselves and their perceptions of the future at a series of roadshows across the country. In all, there were 250 employees staffing 73...
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