The importance of customer service
A Homebase case study

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Customer serviceis the whole activity of identifying customer needs in all their complexity, satisfying them fully, and keeping them satisfied. Customers are people who buy products and services from other people (usually companies of one sort or another).

This Case Study shows how Homebase, one of this country's best known retail chains, places customer service at the heart of its values, demonstrating practical examples of how customer service can be applied to the benefit of shoppers.

Homebase became part of Argos Retail Group (ARG) in November 2002. Homebase is No.2 DIY retailer in the UK. It serves 1.5 million customers weekly in nearly 300 stores countrywide. For more than two decades, consumers - and businesses - have trusted Argos and Homebase to provide consistently top-quality products at competitive prices.

Today, Homebase offers more than DIY; it is a contemporary home and lifestyle store. Customers can choose from thousands of products. There is everything you would expect and more - for example, practical yet stylish furniture and exclusive, designer-led product lines such as the Linda Barker range of bed linen and wallpapers.

The acquisition of Homebase was an important step for ARG as part of an overall strategy of growing the business, including building up a bigger customer base through customer service.

Homebase | The importance of customer service


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