How to connect a retail and e-commerce store?


Are offline stores finally going to die the slow death of an ancient relic!? 


There are lots of handy and pretty easy-to-implement tips an offline retailer can implement on its existing business model to level the competition between its offline and online retail stores. 

Some of them are as follows:

Offline retailers should weaponize loyalty programs

Weaponizing loyalty programs is a great solution for offline retailers when they want to bridge the gap between their offline and online stores. This is also a great way businesses can adopt to build a holistic image in the eyes of its customers. 


Well, for instance, a restaurant that recently started its online store is witnessing a sudden dip in the patron traffic of its offline branches. Then, it can work with restaurant POS vendors and come up with clever yet efficient loyalty programs for its customers. 

In this way, its customers will be more eager to visit their offline restaurants since they will receive reward points, as soon as they swipe their credit/debit cards on the retail ePOS systems installed in the restaurant, they can get discounts both in their offline as well as online bills!

Loyalty programs enable a business to serve its customers in a more personalized manner – a retailer should always remember this!

Offline retailers should offer their customers with an engaging shopping experience

Offline retail stores can achieve the same profit, or more when compared to their online stores if they offer their customers with an engaging as well as a rewarding shopping experience. 

Furthermore, they should also take the necessary steps to ensure that the experience their customers are getting is consistent across all of their offline outlets, spread far and wide.

Giving equal importance to both online and offline sales teams is a necessity

It is strongly advised that a business should not disregard the needs of its sales associates – whether they are working in an offline store or behind the source code of its online store! 

Furthermore, as per the opinion of some leading marketing and campaign experts, offline store sales associates enable a business to build cross-channel as well as lasting customer relationships.

Online sales goals should be integrated into the offline sales experience

Integrating online sales goals into the sales experience offered in an offline store is the only way to level the differences between the two teams. This step will also keep both the online as well as the offline sales teams from failing to cultivate cross-channel experiences for the customers of the brand – a situation which when mismanaged can lead to a potential marketing disaster!

Offline retailers can still make it big with the clever use of sales pitching techniques

Offline retail stores were, still and always will be the direct connection between a brand and its customers. 

No matter how good business in question, has designed its online store, if its offline store loses the charisma that helped the business to make it big, over the years, chances are high that the business, in question, would lose its online clients as well! 

This is the reason why offline retailers should always strive to ensure that their offline sales associates handle each customer, stepping inside the store with the utmost care and friendliness. This is a great way to drive sales and ensure customers, whether new or old, are signing up and committing to the brand! 

If traditional retailers follow the tips mentioned above with due diligence then they can witness that both their offline and online stores are performing most efficiently. Convinced enough!?