Entrepreneurship in engineering
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Page 6: Conclusion

Engineers have been at the heart of the British economy and industry for a long time. Matt Wilson is part of a long line of British engineers going back to Brunel and more recently James Dyson.

Iet 17 Image 1There are many different types of engineers ranging from mechanical and electrical engineers to software designers, bio-technology engineers and those working with nano-technology (on a minute scale). These engineers form communities through professional organisations such as the IET in order to share good ideas. The IET also gives professional accreditation and status to the work of engineers. Engineers like Brunel, Dyson and Matt Wilson are not just ideas people - they are entrepreneurs, having set up their own companies to put their ideas into the market. This involved taking risks but the rewards are high. These rewards are not just financial, but perhaps more importantly, are concerned with the freedom to take pride in one’s own work and shape the future. For more information on the IET please visit www.theiet.org.

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