A business will not become the market leader by chance. It takes careful planning to build an organisation that outperforms its competitors. In business, these plans are called strategies. A business strategy can take many forms. For IMI, a leading engineering business, its strategies focus on growing the business within the niche markets in which it operates. A niche market is a relatively small and often highly specialised segment of a market.

IMI is a global engineering business focused on the precise control and movement of fluids in critical applications. IMI has five platform businesses which use its expertise in valve and fluid engineering in different markets:

• Fluid Power – specialists in motion and fluid control technologies, custom engineered for critical applications requiring precision, speed and reliability.

• Severe Service – highly engineered valves and controls that enable vital industrial and energy production processes to operate safely, cleanly and more efficiently.

• Indoor Climate – experts in hydronic distribution systems and room temperature control which deliver energy efficient indoor climate systems.

• Beverage Dispense – specialists in innovative beverage cooling and dispense solutions that contribute to increased sales and lower operating costs.

• Merchandising – specialists in bespoke point of sale merchandising solutions which improve retailer profitability by driving up sales.

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