The Absolute. Tour
An Independent Insurance case study

Page 1: Introduction

Companies are finding it more difficult to demonstrate product superiority or product differentiation over competitors. Customer service is an area that offers almost endless opportunities for developing superiority and differentiation. The ideal relationship is one where the customer feels that he or she is receiving the desired quality and customer care. Customers know what they mean by...
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Page 2: Relationship marketing

Building a one-to-one relationship with customers is the ideal. In her influential book, The Popcorn Report, the American marketing guru Faith Popcorn charts the rise of consumer bonding or relationship marketing. The principles she identifies are encapsulated in the following sentence: 'We do need to build relationships with our consumers, to create a dialogue, expose them to our corporate...
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Page 3: The Absolute. Tour philosophy

Independent Insurance is one of the most dynamic companies in this country. This is particularly reflected in the growth of its turnover in recent years, and the popularity of its shares on the Stock Market. Independent Insurance has set itself the target of having an income from insurance premiums of £2.5 billion by 2002. Premiums are the sums of money that people taking out insurance pay...
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Page 4: Achieving differentiation

As the leading player in the field, Independent Insurance wanted to create an experience for its brokers that was unique and memorable. The solution was to come up with a ‘futuristic tour’ which showed Independent Insurance to be at the leading edge – a post-millennium company at the end of the 20th century. When Martin Peters played for England in the World Cup winning side of...
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Page 5: Promoting the event

To ensure the success of the Absolute. Tour, a range of techniques was employed: Pre-event invitation: Brokers were first informed of the Absolute. Tour personally by their local sales executive. This was followed by a formal invitation sent out by the Chairman, personally signed by him. Internal launch: All Independent staff were thoroughly briefed on the nature and purpose of the Tour to ensure...
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Page 6: Conclusion

In business short term results demand caution, as injecting new marketing initiatives into products nearly always results in rising interest. The true test is the extent to which the initiative is sustained.The initial results were staggering. In London, Independent Insurance doubled new business from £2.6m to £5.3m (comparing March 1999 with the previous year) and in the UK Regions...
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