Using technology to create a paperless office
An Independent Insurance case study

Page 1: Introduction

Every organisation must have some means of storing, processing and communicating information. Information comprises data that has been processed so that it is useful to the recipient. An information system is any system that provides information for activities carried out within an organisation. In its simplest form, the system will consist of filing cabinets, in-trays, out-trays and a...
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Page 2: Aims

The insurance industry has traditionally been associated with the generation of paper documentation, such as policies, quotations and claims. The main problem is that this information is only accessible to a limited number of employees at the same time, in a particular part of the organisation and that it takes up considerable space. Accessing and using the information is not particularly easy and...
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Page 3: Planning

At Independent Insurance, it was decided to develop an information system which would cover more insurance processes than any other workflow and image system currently implemented by any other insurance company in the UK. The system would use a central scanning facility to capture paper documents and then allow them to be sent electronically to individuals, rather like an E-mail system. Captured...
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Page 4: Using external expertise

A decision was taken to employ external teams of consultants to help with the implementation process. As the project involved changing everything in the information technology infrastructure within Independent Insurance, it was particularly important that project managers and technologists would know exactly how the process of change would affect the organisation. The technical team was led by a...
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Page 5: Identifying the problems

The technical team was responsible for ensuring the necessary computer hardware, software, systems and networks were in place for APACHE. The design and build team helped to build the system in readiness for the first users. Transferring from old processes to new technology was never going to be easy. It involved cleansing records and handling old data, as well as live and open records of...
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Page 6: Conclusion

APACHE has not solved all of the problems for Independent Insurance. However, it has ended many frustrations for staff. As information is now at the finger tips of every member of staff, they have become more efficient and this has made them more popular with broker clients. Providing the tool to handle the movement of large quantities of information around Independent Insurance’s work...
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