Intelligent plugs being developed to reduce electricity wastage

An intelligent 'Big Brother' plug is being developed to reduce domestic energy consumption, which is responsible for a third of all the electricity used in Britain. This could be fitted as standard to all domestic appliances within a few years. The plug is being developed with a £90,000 award from the Carbon Connections Development Fund, an initiative managed by the University of East Anglia and funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England. (The Times, 2 January 2008)

A spokeswoman for the Energy Saving Trust said: '£1.8 billion of electricity is wasted by electronic equipment each year by households in the UK. The average household wastes £28 each year by leaving appliances on standby. Across the UK this is equivalent to the annual output of more than two 700MW power stations'. (The Times, 2 January 2008)

A transmitter in each plug will send signals to a central receiver, which will enable the householder to monitor use and wastage from each appliance. Householders will be able to see how much power every single device uses. The monitor will detect appliances left on unnecessarily and beam an instruction to switch them off, but householders will be able to override decisions by the monitor to switch off equipment. (The Times, 2 January 2008)

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Potential Questions:

  • What are the stages of new product development?
  • Although the intelligent plug is being developed for domestic use, discuss whether it could also aid businesses in reducing their costs and how.