Creating world class performance in a Jaguar assembly plant
A Jaguar case study

Page 1: Introduction

In recent years, many UK manufacturing and service industries have transformed their production methods and processes. Businesses that have been at the leading edge of change have prospered, leaving their competitors behind. Key ingredients in this process of change have been an emphasis on creating total quality systems that involve: getting it right first time at every stage of...
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Page 2: Creating a highly efficient manufacturing site

Halewood’s refurbishment process involved replacing almost all of the production facilities so as to: deliver the exceptional quality levels required for a premium sports saloon create a highly efficient ‘lean manufacturing’ environment. Lean production involves standardising work processes and processes to cut out duplication and waste. The standard that is set is the best...
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Page 3: Changing working practices

While the redesign of plant and processes at Halewood has been essential to creating World Class Systems based on total quality and lean manufacturing, another key part of the change process has been to alter the Halewood workforce’s working practices and ways of thinking. The transformation of the working processes, environment and culture at Halewood started two and a half years prior to...
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Page 4: Production

The Quality pillar is based on transferring Jaguar’s already existing quality standards to the Halewood plant. This involved creating consistency across the production process so that, for example, every shift would be working the same way. At the same time, emphasis was given to reducing time spent on activities that do not add value to the manufacturing process. Line operators were given...
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Page 5: Fulfilling a role within the local community

As part of the drive to create world class performance Jaguar recognise the importance of creating standards which best meet the needs of the wider community. This thinking is behind Jaguar’s focus on meeting the requirements for a healthy environment. The new car is based on company standards that prohibit the use of substances that have an adverse environmental impact. In addition, the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Creating World Class Performance involves transforming the way in which a company organises itself and its relationships with employees and the wider community. The starting point is to transform production processes to ensure total quality, lean manufacturing and dedicated environmental systems. However, to create this transformation it is first necessary to change people’s thinking about...
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