Creating and launching a new product range
A Jeyes case study

Page 1: Introduction

When consumers decide to buy something, they not only want to know what they are buying, they also want to be confident of having made the right choice. Branding plays a key role in this decision-making process. A brand is part of a product’s tangible features. It is a term, name, sign, symbol or design which identifies a product with a seller and thus differentiates it from those of...
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Page 2: Scope

Jeyes Group plc is a holding company, the principal activities of its trading subsidiaries are the marketing, manufacture and sale of cleaning and hygiene products. The Jeyes Group employs more than 1000 people (700 in the UK) and has a turnover of more than £100 million. Jeyes Group plc has three individual businesses, each with its own executive team. These are: Jeyes UK - has four...
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Page 3: What's in a name?

A key part of any business strategy is for managers to be aware of their organisation’s strategic capability. This is important if they are to understand whether there is a 'fit' between the resources and competencies of the organisation and the current opportunities in the business environment. For example, strategic managers at Jeyes needed to know whether strengths such as the 'Jeyes...
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Page 4: Launching the new range

Products were developed to tackle specific garden tasks such as cleaning drains or garden furniture. The products included: Jeyes Greenhouse Cleaner & Disinfectant Jeyes Drain Cleaner & Freshener Jeyes Garden Furniture Cleaner Jeyes Path, Patio & Drive Cleaner. It was important to carry brand recognition over into these products. The aim of the new range was to create products with...
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Page 5: Trade and consumer promotions

A series of retailer promotions was devised to encourage garden centre employees to learn about the many different applications of the Jeyes products and recommend Jeyes for a whole host of gardening jobs. Thousands of Marks & Spencer gift vouchers were put on offer when the 'Jeyes Mystery Shopper' called. Participating garden centres were also given the opportunity to link into the consumer...
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