Using advertising to connect with consumers
A Jeyes case study

Page 1: Introduction

Advertising is a tricky business. Successful advertisers are those who, over the long term, make the fewest mistakes. No matter how well an advertisement is produced, there is no way of guaranteeing that an advertising campaign will be successful. What looked like a good idea when conceived and trialled may, with hindsight, turn out to have been not so good after all. As a creative promotional...
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Page 2: A mature market

The in-cistern sector was established in the 1960s. Then it was seen as an easy way to create an on-going sense of toilet cleanliness. Simply by placing a special block inside the toilet cistern, every flush would yield a dose of (usually) blue water that became the symbol of a clean toilet. One of the brands operating in this sector was Jeyes Bloo. By 1981, Jeyes Bloo had a market share of almost...
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Page 3: Developing trading initiatives

In Summer 1999 Bloo did rather better. Sales rose by 27% over the previous year and its share of the sector increased from 23.7% to 25.2%. Some of this growth resulted from the launch of a brand extension, Bloo & Bleach, but was mainly due to lower prices and to sales promotions. In early 1999, twin packs for both the original Bloo and Citrus Bloo products had been launched. This move...
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Page 4: Creative advertising

Since 1981, Bloo had been supported sporadically through a series of television campaigns that centred on the character of a ‘talking loo’. Not all TV regions had carried these campaigns. Research showed that although consumers had only faint memories of the campaign (it had not been active for 5 years) many remembered the creative loo character. Jeyes felt that this could be the...
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Page 5: Advertising effectiveness

The advertising was an expensive undertaking, so it was important to analyse its effectiveness. This was done using the DAGMAR approach: Defining Advertising Goals for Measured Advertising Results. Jeyes was looking to increase sales, market share and household penetration. The effectiveness of the campaign could be measured through analysing each of these areas. In the three months following...
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Page 6: Conclusion

This case study illustrates the effective way in which creative advertising can inject new life into a maturing brand. The campaign not only encouraged new buyers to purchase Bloo products, it was also instrumental in changing their buying habits, as many of these consumers have continued to buy Bloo long after the campaign ended. With penetration and sales today remaining well above...
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