Kellogg’s have announced that they’ll be sourcing wheat direct from UK farms with its new Origins Programme. The announcement was made at Openfield’s farmer conference during the first week of April.

Dedicated grower groups will now be supplying Group 3 and 4 wheat varieties (all of which are eligible for the programme) to Kellogg’s. The suppliers, in turn, get access to financial support from the company. This programme follows two pilot schemes in Yorkshire and Northamptonshire that took place last year.

James Ede, Senior Manager Public Affairs Europe at Kellogg’s, has stated:

“Behind both the wheat and rice initiatives is a long-term commitment to help farmers develop solutions to technical growing challenges, through a partnership approach involving training, showcase farms and best practice.” (, 4th April 2014)

To read more about how Kellogg’s appeals to its stakeholders, check out their case study:

‘Stakeholder engagement’