Revitalising a valued character
A Kellogg's case study

Page 7: Conclusion

Tony is a particularly valuable brand character and Frosties remains a key brand for Kellogg's.

In the highly competitive market for cereals, the sales performance of Frosties relates directly to the positive images projected by Tony. Giving Tony a new injection of life was seen as a vital contribution towards improving the competitiveness of the brand and prolonging its useful life.

Kellogg's promotional effort with Frosties has worked.

Although the revitalised Tony still needed some tweaking, the modernised character had strengthened the Frosties brand. Changes to Tony were not radical (Tony retained the same voice and appearance) but they had helped Tony to become a more distinctive figure in a rapidly changing and more competitive commercial environment.

Kellogg's | Revitalising a valued character


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