The Importance of Effective Communication in a Competitive Market
A Kellogg's case study

Page 1: Introduction

Effective communications is a key element of any business’s operations. How well a business communicates with its stakeholders, both internal or external, will have a big impact upon how well that business performs in the markets it serves. Kellogg’s is the world’s leading supplier of cereals, with production bases across the globe and serving over 180 countries...
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Page 2: Communication Process

The basic communication process involves transmitting information from a sender to a receiver. However, effective communication requires not only that the message or information is received but also that it is understood. The following diagram illustrates the main stages involved in any communication process. Encoding is the stage when the sender transforms her/his idea into a communicable...
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Page 3: Internal Stakeholders and Channels of Communication

There are many channels open for use to send messages to internal stakeholders. The selection of method or methods used to communicate depend upon where the information being sent is coming from, the content of the message and who the receivers are. The table below lists most of the methods that are available to senders within a business such as Kellogg’s: Each has its place, although some...
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Page 4: External Stakeholders and Channels of Communication

External communication can take many forms, depending on who is sending the message, its purpose, its receivers and how important the message is. The following table indicates some of the main methods used for external communications, Whilst internal communications were important, in respect of achieving its stated goals, for Kellogg’s, external communications were vital in relation to the...
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Page 5: Barriers to Communication

Whenever considering communicating effectively, a vital element to consider is what barriers to communication, (often referred to as ‘noise’), exist. There are many barriers that may exist, but often senders may be unaware until too late, especially in a major project such as Kellogg’s Origins project. Consequently, knowing and removing likely barriers in advance and having an...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The communication process, though simple in its depiction of relevant stages, involves a complex set of interactions between senders, receivers, channels and contexts to ensure messages are communicated effectively. Kellogg’s carried out research at every stage of the Origins campaign to help it evaluate how effective the campaign had been and to what extent communication barriers had...
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