The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK
A Kraft Foods UK case study

Page 1: Introduction

Kraft Foods Inc. is the world's second largest food and beverage company with revenues in 2005 of over $34 billion. Kraft Foods is classified as a Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. FMCGs have very high unit sales and require frequent restocking. The supermarket shelves on which the products are placed are said to experience a high rate of sale. Kraft is an American owned company with...
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Page 2: Stakeholders and decision making at Kraft

Stakeholders are individuals and groups with an interest in a company and its activities. They have a key influence on decisions that modern companies make. Examples of Kraft's stakeholders include: Employees -They take pride in working for a well-respected company and look to have a secure job, good wages and other benefits and opportunities for career development. Customers - Organisations...
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Page 3: Sales and the marketing mix

All companies depend on their sales to keep them in business. The work of their Sales department or division is, therefore, crucial to the success of the business. The four Ps of Marketing are important in discovering what consumers want: Whilst the four Ps are traditionally thought of as Marketing elements, it is within the Sales function that they really come to life. Within Sales, Kraft...
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Page 4: Key aspects of Sales work

In order to achieve Sales objectives, the Sales team at Kraft needs to ensure: high product distribution agreement of correct range for each customer organisation of promotions maximum space on the shelf successful launches of new products. To have an effective Sales force, Kraft needs to ensure its employees have certain important skills. These include: a good level of numeracy to...
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Page 5: The role of Sales in getting the product to the consumer

The following example of the stages required to sell new product developments to customers illustrates the fundamental aspects of the sales role. i. Creating concepts for new products In order for Kraft to create new products or to prolong consumers' interest in existing products, the Marketing division analyses consumer needs to generate new ideas. They then discuss these with Sales to ensure...
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Page 6: Conclusion

The world of sales within an FMCG company is ever changing. To maintain its competitive advantage and guarantee future success, Kraft recognises that it needs to develop strong relationships with its customers by working closely with them to build success for both parties.
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