The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK
A Kraft Foods UK case study

Page 2: Stakeholders and decision making at Kraft

Kraft imageStakeholders are individuals and groups with an interest in a company and its activities. They have a key influence on decisions that modern companies make. Examples of Kraft's stakeholders include:

  • Employees -They take pride in working for a well-respected company and look to have a secure job, good wages and other benefits and opportunities for career development.
  • Customers - Organisations such as supermarkets and other retail outlets that buy Kraft products in order to sell on to the end (or final) consumers.
  • Consumers - Purchasers and users of Kraft products. The number of consumers exceeds the number of active buyers because, for example, within a family unit, one person may well buy on behalf of several consumers.
  • Shareholders - People and institutions who own shares in companies. They share in the company's profits in the form of dividends.
  • Suppliers - Firms that supply Kraft with its production requirements e.g. raw materials, ingredients, packaging.

This case study focuses primarily on customers and how the Sales function helps to deliver products that meet customers' needs.

Kraft Foods UK | The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK


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